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  • Tanya Black says:

    Hello~ My family and I are residents of Paonia, CO, and we request the BLM to:

    1. Withdraw all of the parcels from the December 2018 lease sale. The parcels
    are adjacent to and may irreparably harm our roadless areas, critical infrastructure
    including Paonia Reservoir, and important wildlife habitat.
    2. Defer offering lands for lease in the Uncompahgre Field Office area until
    the Resource Management Plan (RMP) is revised and approved. The current
    RMP for the Uncompahgre Field Office area was approved in 1989. The BLM and
    Forest Service need to complete ongoing updates to their land use plans to protect
    the landscape’s resources from destructive oil and gas drilling, including adopting
    the North Fork Citizens’ Alternative.
    3. Include all public input and comments in the Final EA. In the preliminary EA,
    the BLM omitted comments from many local organizations, including the Western
    Slope Conservation Center, key Agricultural groups, and the Town of Paonia. The
    BLM has offered no explanation for the omission.

    We chose to live here 5 years ago, in this valley for the food, schools, vibrant community and outdoor activities available all year round.
    If these leases go through, our health as well as the health of the water, air, and land will be put at great risk.
    Please reconsider.

    Thank you,
    Tanya Black

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