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  • Stuart Kramer says:

    I am a resident of Paonia and I am writing to request that all parcels up for the December 2018 lease sale be removed. I make my living as an organic farmer and depend on consistently clean water from Paonia Reservoir. Even a week of compromised water could potentially ruin a full season of crops and cause major economic damage for farmers. Please remove parcels 8140, 8135, 8138, 8320, and 8351 from the lease sale or risk compromising the livelihoods of local farmers.

    Thank you,

    Stuart Kramer
    Paonia, CO

  • Please suspend this auction until you have included comments from the community and area taxpayers. You failed to do so in the preliminary EA – you must know this. If you don’t follow proper protocol, the courts have demonstrated their willingness to block your efforts. Also, the entire RMP plan needs to be updated from the 1989 version to account for the unique wilderness benefits the North Fork offers the region. It’s far too valuable to be despoiled by the meager gas production that is available. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

    John W Mitchell
    18325 Coyote Run Rd.
    Cedaredge, C) 81413


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