Leah’s 40th-birthday Run to celebrate WSCC’s 40th

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Leah DID it! Leah DID it!

On Saturday, May 20th, Leah ran 28.03 miles, longer than she has ever run in her first 40 years! Family and friends supported and cheered Leah on along the way, with a stop at the Paonia River Park, Hotchkiss Fairgrounds, and culminating with a welcoming crowd at Pleasure Park where the North Fork and Gunnison Rivers meet.

Leah raised $102 in pledges PER MILE! That means Leah’s run has raised $2,856 for the Western Slope Conservation Center in honor of our shared 40th birthday. The board and staff of WSCC are thrilled and inspired by Leah’s creative and ambitious show of support for protecting the public lands and watershed of our shared home.

For everyone who has pledged, you can send a check to WSCC, PO Box 1612, Paonia, CO 81428, or follow this link to our online donation page, where you can click on the donation button to pay via credit card or PayPal.

Quick math:
$1 per mile: $28
$2 per mile: $56
$3 per mile: $84
$4 per mile: $112
$5 per mile: $140
$10 per mile: $280

THANK YOU for your donations in honor of Leah and WSCC!

Original post:

From Leah:
“My 40th birthday is coming up in about 6 weeks, and I see it as an opportunity to shamelessly exploit my age to raise money for an organization I really value here in the North Fork Valley.

On May 20, I plan to run as far as I can, farther than I ever have run. I’m not sure how far this will be, but hopefully 20-30 miles. I am looking for people who will be willing to pledge per mile or any amount, and have those contributions go to the Western Slope Conservation Center, a local non-profit (so your donations are tax deductible) which also turned 40 this year.

For folks who’d rather not donate, please think about running or biking some of the distance with me (so it can be a party! with music! and fun!), or think about how you can make an impact in your own communities.”

If you are interested in participating, you can contact pledge using this pledge form, and Leah and the Conservation Center will keep you posted on the event itself as well as how many miles Leah run in total!

As it so happens, Western Slope Conservation Center is turning 40 this year also! Thanks, Leah, for helping us celebrate in such a fun way. And thanks to everyone who donates in honor of Leah!

From Leah: “This is another view of my route. I will basically start off to the left and run to the right.


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