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By Patrick Dooling 1 year ago5 Comments

Bureau of Land Management

Greg Larson, Field Manager, Uncompahgre Field Office

Joseph Meyer, District Manager, Southwest District Office

Gregory Shoop, Acting State Director, Colorado State Office

To Whom it May Concern:

Thank you for including the North Fork Alternative in the draft Uncompahgre Resource Management Plan as sub-alternative B1. I strongly encourage the BLM to include the North Fork Alternative and other protective measures in the final Uncompahgre RMP EIS.

The North Fork Alternative is a common sense proposal for managing the many public natural resources within the North Fork watershed.

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  • Tricia Spencer says:

    We can’t make more land. We can restore it, remediate road intrusions and replant sensitive habitats. And the question we have to ask is; at what cost? Do we risk contamination and the loss of one of Colorado’s most iconic wilderness areas for an aging oil and gas industry that is in its death throes? Alternative energy is here and the world is moving forward. The alternatives available to us represent the future of Colorado, not the past. Please consider the decisions that are being made for Colorado’s future.

  • Chelsea Bookout says:

    Thank you

  • Jack Ferrell says:

    As part of the community living along the North Fork of the Gunnison, I am very pleased that the BLM took the time and effort to craft the North Fork B1 Alternative. Only this Alternative allows sensitive areas to remain undamaged. Only this Alternative takes into account the enormous harm industrial development does to a watershed and a land base. I treasure wild areas and visit them often. I live on Fire Mountain Canal, and my understanding is that, under any of the other alternatives, fracking would release deep methane and other persistent toxins and contaminate my water sources and our collective atmosphere significantly. Thank you for choosing the B1 “North Fork” Alternative, the only reasonable Alternative.

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