The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released its proposed Resource Management Plan(RMP) for the Uncompahgre Field Office (UFO) on June 28, 2019. The Uncompahgre RMP will determine the management of BLM lands in this area, collectively known as the Uncompahgre Field Office (UFO), for decades to come.

The release of the proposed RMP is the culmination of a decade long process, one in which the community has worked hard to voice it’s opinion. The Conservation Center, along with local partners and the public, successfully lobbied to have the North Fork Alternative, a citizen alternative, included as an alternative in the draft RMP.

Unfortunately, the proposed RMP opens 95% of lands in UFO to fluid mineral development, and focuses on heavy resource extraction for our public lands, far from what the community wants for this area.

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  • Lands open to oil and gas in BLM's Preferred Alternative
  • Other

The BLM is proposing to keep ninety five percent (95%) of the Uncompahgre Field Office (UFO) open to oil and gas development.

The US Forest Service manages land in the upper watershed as part of the Grand Mesa Uncompahgre Gunnison National Forest (GMUG). The BLM manages much of the lower watershed as part of the Uncompahgre Field Office (UFO). The BLM also manages the federal mineral estate beneath much of the GMUG National Forest.

“We have worked with partners in 25 communities to develop the range of alternatives in this draft plan, including a community vision for the North Fork Valley,” said Dana Wilson, Southwest Associate District Manager. “These are some of the public’s most spectacular landscapes, from canyon country to the foothills of the West Elk Mountains and Grand Mesa, providing recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, forage for grazing and energy resources.”

Let’s hold the BLM accountable to protecting all of these spectacular resources here on the Western Slope!


Read the proposed RMP here

You can read WSCC’s comments on the draft RMP here

Guidelines for submitting a protest from the BLM

North Fork Alternative Fact Sheets

Need supporting documentation for the North Fork Alternative? Find it here.

Write a protest letter!

If you have previously submitted a comment during the RMP process, you are eligible to protest the Proposed RMP. The protest must be in writing, or submitted through the BLM’s ePlanning page (, and contain:

  • Name, mailing address, telephone, and interest of person filing the protest
  • A statement of the issues being protested,
  • A statement of parts of the plan being protested,
  • A copy of all documents addressing those issues and parts submitted during the planning process, and
  • A concise state explaining why the decision of the State Director is wrong.

Only issues you previously discussed in the planning process (in your comments, etc.) may be the subject of a protest.

If you missed our RMP Action meeting on 7/16, and would like to get all of the information you need to write your protest, click here

Petition the BLM to support conservation in the RMP

Currently, the Proposed RMP/ Final EIS is scheduled to be released on June 28th, 2019. This release will start a 30-day public protest period as well as a 60-day Governor’s Consistency review.

Sign our petition to the BLM and show your support for conservation in the RMP

Want fact sheets that provide you everything you need, including major resource concerns as developed by WSCC, CHC, and WCC? Well here you go!