The Raggeds Wilderness has 80 miles of hiking trail within its boundaries – spanning 2 National Forests and 3 Ranger Districts. By Fall 2018, we hope to have all of these trails traversed & monitored! Below are the hiking trails and information on whether on not they have been monitored yet, along with a brief description and link to more information.

Paonia Ranger District

Oh-Be-Joyful Trail #835 — 3.2 miles — NOT COMPLETED
The trail starts at 10,200 feet at Buck Basin and climbs through Swan Basin to Oh-Be-Joyful Pass. At the top of the pass is the boundary of Gunnison and Paonia Ranger Districts.

Dark Canyon Trail #830 — 13.8 miles — COMPLETED
A very popular trail that follows Ruby Anthracite through Dark Canyon and ends at Horse Ranch Park.

Munsey Ruby Stock Driveway #831 — 6.7 miles — COMPLETED
Ascends through thick aspen to spectacular views of the Raggeds. It ends at an intersection with the North Anthracite Trail.

Ruby Anthracite Trail #836 — 5.0 miles — COMPLETED
Gradually descends through aspen and beaver ponds to a series of switchbacks and down into Ruby Anthracite Canyon until it intersects with Dark Canyon Trail.

Dyke Creek Trail #837 — 1.1 miles —  NOT COMPLETED
A spur off of the Dyke Creek Mountain Bike Trail.

Silver Basin Trail #834 — 5.5 miles — COMPLETED
Begins and ends at intersections with the Dark Canyon Trail and is very scenic.

Spud Pass #824 — 4.3 miles — COMPLETED
Begins at intersection with Raggeds Trail. Climbs up to along Deep Creek.

Gunnison Ranger District

Daisy Pass Trail #404 — 7.3 miles — NOT COMPLETED
Hike through high mountain passes & along stunning alpine lakes. 4×4 vehicle required to access trailhead.

Aspen-Sopris Ranger District

Yule Pass Trail #2083 — 5.0 miles — COMPLETED
Steady climb up to Yule Pass. Creek crossing may not be passable until late July.

Anthracite Pass Trail #1969 — 3.7 miles — NOT COMPLETED
STEEP climb up to a beautiful mountain pass; through aspen groves and mountain meadows.

Raspberry Creek Trail #1968 — 9.0 miles — NOT COMPLETED
Follows Raspberry Creek through meadows and along ridges. Can complete a loop if hiked with Anthracite Pass Trail.