Top 13 Spookiest Western Slope Trails of Halloween

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13. Dark Canyon. Who know’s what’s lurking around the next corner…..



12. Lost Lake. How many poor souls have wandered endlessly, trapped forever in their endless search for the elusive Lost Lake?

11. Deadman’s Gulch. What’s the story behind the name of this Crested Butte trail? I guess we’ll never know….


10. Lightning Ridge. This is not where you’d like to find yourself on a dark, stormy night.


9. Deadhorse Trail.  Sometimes hooves are harder going than feet. Watch where you step, and be wary of the distant neighs of unlucky equine…


8. Cannibal Plateau – This road is over in Lake City. Make sure you bring plenty of food….

7. Poison Park Trailhead. I wouldn’t drink the water, if I were you… (Just kidding, just filter it and it should be fine!)


6. Canon Infierno – Another Lake City trail. Canon – A general law, rule, or tenant by which something is judged. Infierno – Hell, in Spanish.  So, this trail is the “Rule which by Hell is judged….”, and it leads you to Devil’s Lake. Don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon.

5. Devil’s Thumb.  The thumb? Definitely the spookiest digit – and the Devil’s, no less…

4. Ridge of Doom. One of the trails on our local Jumbo Bountain. Make sure you stay on the ridge, you’re doomed if you bike off….

Photo credit to Ross Deardorff’s GoPro.

3. Lone Cabin – Who knows what (or who) you’ll find in this lonesome, isolated road late on a dark night…

2. Terror Trail.  Every step provides fresh terrors….. including inadvertently stepping into a freshly made cowpie.

1. Oh-Be-Joyful Pass. More like Oh-Be-Suspicious. Why was this given such a pleasant name? What are they trying to hide? Who is this joyful? I smell a conspiracy.

Those aspens are hiding something.

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