Seeking Volunteers!

WSCC is seeking volunteer Trail Ambassadors and Leave No Trace (LNT) Stewards to educate wilderness visitors in the Raggeds and the West Elks this season. These spectacular areas have seen increased use in recent years, and we want to welcome all visitors while ensuring everyone is aware of wilderness regulations and best practices. Volunteers will work with WSCC and US Forest Service staff to provide visitor information services, promote responsible use and Leave No Trace practices, and collect visitor use information in our local Wilderness. This information will help the Forest Service with long-range planning for how our Wilderness areas will remain wild into the future. 


Do you love talking to people? Are you comfortable sharing information with other trail users? If yes, this opportunity is for you! Trail Ambassadors and LNT Stewards do not need to have extensive wilderness experience — we welcome those who are relatively new to hiking and want to learn more, as well as those with several years of experience who are eager to share what they know. We are looking for people of all backgrounds and experience, as long as you are excited to share backcountry information with visitors!

photo of mountains
Credit: Jesse Speer
photo of the west elks


Trail Ambassadors and LNT stewards will attend a training on July 20th from 5-8pm. Otherwise, they will be able to schedule volunteer times at their convenience. This is a volunteer position with no benefits, however WSCC will provide mileage reimbursement to and from trailheads.


Trail Ambassadors

Trail Ambassadors interact with wilderness users while on trail in the Raggeds and West Elks wildernesses. Trail Ambassadors do not act in a law enforcement capacity, but educate recreators on Leave No Trace practices, responsible recreation, and proper Wilderness etiquette while also collecting visitor use data. 

We are asking our Trail Ambassadors to complete at least two hikes between July-September, in addition to a training on July 20th from 5-8pm. WSCC will provide a ‘uniform’ (Tshirts and hats) and mileage reimbursement to the trailhead, while Trail Ambassadors should bring any personal equipment they need (and a hiking buddy if they want!)

Leave No Trace (LNT) Stewards

Not sure you’re ready to get on trail? Spend a day tabling at a trailhead as a Leave No Trace Steward! Like Trail Ambassadors, LNT Stewards share wilderness best practices and other useful information with trail users, while collecting visitor use data for the Forest Service. WSCC is planning to set up LNT tables on high-use weekends throughout the summer and fall.

LNT Stewards will commit to a shift during one of our LNT days. WSCC will provide mileage reimbursement to the trailhead, while Stewards should bring any personal equipment they need. Note: because many high use days take place on holiday weekends, be sure you’ll be around for some of these if you are interested in this opportunity.