Based in the North Fork Valley, the Western Slope Conservation Center builds an informed and engaged community to protect and enhance the lands, air, water and wildlife of the Western Slope.

We envision landscapes defined by resilient ecological systems, where water management, agricultural practices, and recreation opportunities allow people and the environment to flourish.

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We distinguish ourselves by committing to four unique values.


We strive to be transparent, responsible, and ethical in our actions. We are accountable to our mission, membership, donors, partners and the public.


WSCC maintains that fairness and justice depend on acknowledging social and historical context. We strive to engage the active involvement of the people and partners who are linked to the ecosystems we endeavor to protect.


We seek to understand the needs and values of our community and acknowledge that communities are stronger when these shared needs and values are manifest in the culture of the organizations that serve them. We use informed debate and creative problem solving to develop locally appropriate solutions to complex conservation problems.


We recognize the rapidly evolving evidence of the impacts of climate change and strive to support our communities by enhancing our collective ability to be adaptable and proactive.  We will use reliable, relevant, and the best-available scientific research to guide our decisions whenever possible.

Statement on Inclusion, Equity, Diversity and Justice.

We acknowledge that there are racial, economic, and identity-based disparities in access to, representation in, and involvement with environmental organizations. To fully embody and effectively pursue the mission of WSCC, we must meaningfully confront these inequalities and work to engage our whole community. We strive to create an inclusive and equitable environment for all who reside, work, and recreate on the Western Slope.

WSCC is guided by the following principles:

Who We Are: WSCC is an organization that is welcoming and embraces difference, where we strive to meet everyone’s needs. We may not always get it right, but we are committed to doing the work of making the world, and the world of conservation in Colorado, more welcoming and inclusive to all.

How We Work: We critically consider the needs and values of our whole community by pushing for greater awareness. We are continually educating ourselves and increasing others’ awareness about barriers to participation (social, economic, and political) in environmental and conservation movements. 

Who We Serve: Centered in our shared values, we strive to engage the active involvement of the people and partners who are linked to the ecosystems we endeavor to protect, especially those who may have been marginalized in the past. 

The Western Slope Conservation Center focuses on three main areas of conservation here in the North Fork Valley.


We are heavily engaged in important public lands planning processes currently underway across the Western Slope, from BLM to USFS to Delta County. These plans will shape our home for years to come, and we need your help!  READ MORE


From water quality monitoring to invasive species removal to increasing recreational opportunities, we are committed to fostering healthy river and riparian corridors on the Western Slope! READ MORE


We host a variety of free events and volunteer days so that you can get out and learn more about our public lands.    READ MORE


Our organization began in 1977 when neighbors joined to stop coal mines from dumping waste next to the river. Over the years our mission broadened to include protection of water resources, public lands, and human health. In 2010, we merged with a watershed group that has a history of river restoration, water quality monitoring, and education. We focus on issues concerning Delta County and the North Fork Valley, focusing particularly on water quality, protection of our public lands, and education and outreach.

The Western Slope Conservation Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are located in Paonia, CO.