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Join the Western Slope Conservation Center and Colorado Greywater’s Avery Ellis on October 20, from 9am to 4pm for a Greywater Workshop.

Come out for a hands-on laundry-to-landscape system install and workshop.
The day consists of an informational session about water Colorado Greywater, where you can learn how to reuse water from your sink, shower, tub & washing machine, and a hands-on system installation to make the most of your water resources.

$30 ticket purchase includes lunch, information session, and install.


What is Greywater?

Greywater (aka Graywater) is the waste water from the sinks, showers, tubs, and laundry machines of a home. It can be used to irrigate your landscape, re-used to flush indoor toilets, or to create food & wildlife habitat in a constructed wetland.

In our present economy, water has a high value, which we pay for monthly in our water bill. We use water for everything from drinking to cooking, to washing ourselves, our clothes, we use it for sewer plumbing, and even to irrigate our lawns and gardens.

But once water is used once, it doesn’t have to disappear down the drain. Every time we do that, flush away an opportunity to reuse the water elsewhere. Instead, we can utilize this nonrenewable resource in to in both our home systems and our landscapes. By stacking functions with our water, we get many more uses out of it.

To read more about Greywater, visit Avery Ellis’s site here, and don’t forget to register for the workshop before spots fill up!

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