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We are currently accepting applications for our Board of Directors

Serving as a board member is a great way to make meaningful connections and lasting contributions for a mission and organization you care about. 

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Western Slope Conservation Center’s Board of Directors. WSCC is thriving and we are currently seeking up to four new members as we expand our board. The current application period is now through July 19, 2024. 

If now is not the right time but you are interested in joining our board at a later date, please reach out!

Founded in 1977 and based in the North Fork Valley, the Western Slope Conservation Center (WSCC) builds an informed and engaged community to protect and enhance the lands, air, water and wildlife of the Western Slope. We envision landscapes defined by resilient ecological systems, where water management, agricultural practices, and recreation opportunities allow people and the environment to flourish.

This is why some of our current board members decided to serve:

I’ve been associated with WSCC for so long that it feels time to take a more responsible position and I enjoy the democratic process of decision-making, especially with a group of like minded people.” James Schott, Board Member

“I love serving on the WSCC board because it’s an active board that isn’t afraid to get our hands dirty. I feel like my experience and time really do help make a difference in protecting this place that I love. And we have fun together!” Kathy Swartz, Treasurer

Working on the board has given me a sense of purpose and a feeling of being a part of an organization that makes a real difference in protecting public lands, watersheds and wildlife! I’m walking the talk and love working with this group of dedicated people.” Julie Sapena, Board Chair

“I joined the board because this organization does so much to protect and enhance our local ecosystems.” Megan Randall, Board Member and Raffle Manager

What’s involved with being a member of the WSCC Board?

  • Anticipate spending approximately 10+ hours a month volunteering for WSCC. This includes actively preparing for and participating in monthly board meetings (~3 hours); participating in our Watershed, Public Lands, and/or Fundraising & Events Committees (~3 hours/month); volunteering to work events such as River Fest, community festivals, etc. (~4 hours/ month); writing comment letters for campaigns; perhaps leading a Mike’s Hike or organizing a guest speaker; sharing your talents around the office; and other roles as needed. 
  • In addition to sharing your time and expertise, an annual donation that is meaningful for you is expected. Foundations and grantors want to see 100% board participation.
  • Be informed about the organization’s mission and programs, including reading the monthly e-news and following the organization’s social media accounts.  
  • Serve as a WSCC ambassador in the community
  • All board members are expected to help the organization fundraise. This includes everything from selling tickets for our annual raffle at community events, to connecting the organization to people, businesses, and foundations in your network, to working a volunteer shift at River Fest. Each and every action helps us achieve our fundraising goals.  
  • Collaborate with board and staff, while respecting the lines of authority and communication between Board and staff. 
  • Be aware of and follow organizational policies. (These will be shared once elected to the Board)
  • WSCC uses the Google Suite and Slack for communications. All board members are expected to use these tools and training will be provided.

How long is the term?

  • Each term is 3 years. 

What are the qualifications for being a WSCC Board member?

  • Have the time to commit to serving
  • Be passionate about our shared public lands, watersheds, wildlife, water and air 
  • Be a current member of WSCC
  • Bonus points if you are:
    • A rancher or farmer
    • A long time member or a new member to WSCC and/or the community
    • Have a scientific background in water resources, oil and gas, recreation or tourism, or other areas that impact the work we do

What do I receive in exchange for volunteering?

  • Fun! We’ll even throw in WSCC schwag! 
  • Community with awesome folks who share a love of this special place we call home
  • A sense of purpose to use your unique skills to protect our lands and watershed
  • Never served on a board? Don’t worry. We offer board education and will help mentor you through the process.

What are the next steps in the process? 

  • WSCC is collecting applications for our Board of Directors until Friday, July 19th. We will begin scheduling informal meet and greets with each candidate to get to know each other better. We are asking all candidates to plan on attending–either in-person or via Zoom- our July 25 and August 22 board meetings, if possible. We require that all board candidates attend two board meetings before election to ensure it’s a good fit, unless a person has actively participated in a WSCC within the last three years. 
  • WSCC will hold board elections in September. Additionally, we are planning a board/staff retreat in September.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Hannah Stevens at [email protected] or 970-527-5307

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