Mike’s Hikes #2: GPS-ing on the Terror Trail with Russ Zick, Sunday July 12th

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Terror Trail: Sunday, July 12th

A GPS/Mapping Themed Hike

Overview: Meet at the WSCC office at 204 Poplar Ave. at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 12th. Russ Zick will be the volunteer trip leader on this outing, which includes sharing and discussion of hiker’s GPS interests. So if your phone has a GPS/Mapping app, bring it to share what you like about using it. We will begin and end a track of our hike at the trailhead.

The WSCC COVID-19 safe hike protocols will apply to this hike. Since we wear masks for other’s safety, please increase your fellow hiker’s comfort by wearing a mask. In sharing GPS topics, don’t move in close to look at a screen and don’t ask or offer your phone for any hands other than your own.

The Terror Trail travels through the Electric Mountain Recommended Wilderness that is included in WSCC’s Community Conservation Proposal and is being considered in the GMUG Forest Planning process. At 9,700 acres, aspens dominate the Electric Mountain, and this ecosystem is underrepresented within the existing wilderness preservation system. It offers outstanding non-motorized hiking and hunting opportunities – and plenty of solitude.

On a recent hike with members of the WSCC and High Country Citizens Alliance (HCCA) staff, we hiked a portion of this trail and came upon a herd of 30 elks, including several calves, grazing just below the trail.

Trail Description: We’ll hike on a segment of Forest Service Trail #802. We’ll only visit the first 2 miles of the whole trail. From the trailhead, the trail crosses Electric Mountain in a west to east direction. It uses an old Jeep road that parallels Hubbard Creek for the first 2 miles. At this point, it climbs moderately up toward Electric Mountain. Aspen, with their verdant understory and abundant wildflowers, dominate the landscape with occasional Spruce and Firs heralding the future of this landscape that is dotted with boulders, moraine, and other evidence of past glaciers. We’ll hike a 4-mile loop through the aspen to a small wooded pond. The attached file shows a satellite view of 2 GPS tracks made while scouting this hike. Our hike will be a variation of these two tracks.

COVID-19 Protocols: Our community is still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will be following all necessary protocols to ensure a safe hike for everyone involved. The following restrictions will be followed at all times throughout the hike:

  • We will have no more than 10 people total on this hike. Please RSVP below.
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from members of other households at all times, except in cases where it is unsafe to maintain that distance. Social distancing (6 ft apart) will be followed at all times with hikers not of the same household
  • Separate cars must be taken to the trailhead
  • Masks must be worn when not actively hiking. Please bring a mask with you on this hike.
  • Hikers will all bring their own equipment, including water, hand sanitizer, and food/snacks. Please aquire all equipment and supplies you might need for the trip prior to arriving for the hike.
  • Do not come on the hike if you feel sick or have symptoms
  • We will follow all Safer at Home and Leave No Trace guidelines

Trip Leader: Russ Zick

Where: West Terror Trail TH off of Stephen’s Gulch Road, Gunnison National Forest

Difficulty: Moderate due to the 4-mile length and 500-ft elevation change from the TH at 8,800 to about 9,300 feet at the pond. The Forest Service already cleared fells across the trail and the terrain, though it includes some roots and moraine rocks, is not very rugged.

When: Sunday, July 12th. We will meet at the WSCC office (204 Poplar Ave.) at 8:00 am. We will need to take separate cars – one per family. The drive to the trailhead is roughly 40 minutes, and you can expect 3-4 hours of hiking.

What to bring: Good hiking boots, plenty of water, lunch/snacks, sun protection, and bug spray.  Hiking poles due to descent and a possible creek crossing.

How to get to the trailhead: We’ll take separate cars and drive 15-miles up Stevens Gulch Road from Paonia, which becomes Forest Road #701. The trailhead is in Hubbard Park, about 5 miles past Windy Point, at the base of Electric Mountain.



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