Congrats to Jason Burns of Cedaredge, CO for the winning ticket (#0297)!

By Dorothy Punderson 3 years ago
photo of two women inside the Redcliff tent with backpacks behind them.
photo of two women inside the Redcliff tent with backpacks behind them.

Thanks all for your ticket purchases! The lucky winner is Jason Burns of Cedaredge snapped up his ticket while chatting with us in Cedaredge at Applefest. A great day for us and, especially in retrospect, a really great day for him!

Jason is a rancher from Cedaredge who supports conservation and environmental education. Thank you for your support, Jason!


More about our raffle:

One glorious fall afternoon last week, the WSCC crew finally got the chance to check out our raffle prizes from Seek Outside and Welfelt Fabrication, Inc. We are so excited to be partnering with these awesome Western Slope companies this year to support our conservation efforts. Full disclosure: yes, this is a shameless post to get you to enter our fall raffle. However: the prizes in our raffle are truly excellent, and if you have twenty bucks to spare we see no reason why you wouldn’t want to enter!

photo of Jake unzipping the Lanner backpack in front of the tentTall enough to stand up in, large enough to sleep 6 people (or 3 with a stove), the Seek Outside Redcliff tent is a great backpacking tent for groups. Plus it was lightweight and easy to set up, especially after watching their helpful instructional video. Ditto with the stove, made by Welfelt Fabrication, Inc., another Western Slope company. We have no doubt that you would stay warm and cozy inside, especially with the tent half-liner.

Both tent and stove fit in the Seek Outside Lanner 5400 backpacks with plenty of room to spare. With a zipper all the way down the side and a comfy frame (and plenty more features–check them out on the Seek Outside website) these packs look perfect for all-season trips.

The consensus from WSCC staff? If it wasn’t illegal for us to get in on this raffle, we would!

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