If Animals Could Speak…

By WSCC 5 years ago

For thousands of years before humans, plants and animals lived in this valley. How have their lives changed as human activity has increased? If animals could speak, what would they say to us? Many decisions are being made without consulting our non-human neighbors.

You are invited to become an animal for a day and to speak up for our non-human neighbors. The Council for All Being is being rescheduled in hopes to gather a larger group. Please stay tuned for updates. 

Prepare for the council by choosing to become an animal or Earth element found in our local environment at the Costume Making, Movement and Poetry Embodiment Workshop. Costume making materials will be provided. Bring a potluck dish/snacks to share.

What could you learn by being an animal? What might you learn about their about their lives? And what can they tell us about their difficulties of living with humans as their neighbors?  

During the council, participants “become” part of nature and speak on behalf of nature in this time of ecological crisis and climate change. You can speak on behalf of a mountain, desert, river, juniper tree, honeybee, elk, coyote, or any non-human being that comes to your heart and mind. In the council, Beings share the concerns and challenges they are experiencing with the audience. Then they offer their support and encouragement for human beings to act on their behalf in order to preserve life on our planet. There is a ceremonial conclusion and call to action for the audience. 

A Council of All Beings is a way to step outside of our human identity and rediscover our “deep ecology” – our interconnection with all beings – to find empowerment as agents of healing change.

This project is a joint effort of Western Slope Conservation Center, The Learning Council, and Elsewhere Studios

Participate as a family, group (or heard of elk, school of fish, etc) or individuals. You may also sign up to help with costume making, music making with simple instruments, or script writing for the day of the Council. It is all on the same sign up sheet. 



The Council of All Beings has been POSTPONED 

Stay tuned for updates.

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