International Spotlight on North Fork Valley’s Fight

By Patrick Dooling 1 year ago2 Comments

BBC World News recently featured the North Fork Valley’s fight to protect our public lands from irresponsible oil & gas development. In a segment focusing on climate change, BBC highlights the Trump Administration’s attempts to open ever-increasing acres of our public lands and wild places to energy development, rollback environmental protections, and reduce public input in land management decisions. Check out the video from BBC News (courtesy of our friends at The Wilderness Society) featuring some familiar faces and places, including local rancher and outfitter Tony Prendergast, WSCC Executive Director Patrick Dooling, and Representative Scott Tipton.

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  • Betsy Johnson says:

    I am so impressed with this BBC connection to the North Fork Valley. Thank you WSCC for all you are doing to raise awareness about this threat.

  • Bonnie Spiker says:

    The people of the Northfork valley obviously use Natural gas and oil, but their beef is they dont want their community to provide any of that product for them or anyone else?
    They want it piped in from other sources that do allow natural gas extraction techniques they themselves oppose?
    Ok then, now that we have established the facts surrounding their fight it would make sense to assume these people are either selfish or out of touch with reality.
    This was once a booming coal mining area, they put that to sleep as well and many many folks lost their jobs.
    Shame on selfish narrow minded people that believe the world revolves around them.
    Most of the people in this entire county are dirt poor, now we can understand why.

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