Fall Photo Contest!

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The Western Slope Conservation Center is looking for photos of landscapes, wildlife, citizen science, and recreation on the Western Slope!


The purpose of this contest is to engage volunteers and members in a fun activity to promote the protection and enhancement of the Lower Gunnison Watershed. You are encouraged to submit up to five of your own favorite photographs (see guidelines below).

​The WSCC staff will review submissions and winners will be announced in early February. The WSCC will use the selected photos in our annual newsletter, Tater Heap, as well as for marketing materials. Your submission goes toward increasing the outreach efforts of the WSCC. 

tree planting
Mountain View
hiking bald mountain


We are looking for photos from the Lower Gunnison Watershed, but we will consider submissions from anywhere on the Western Slope.

All submissions must be sent to Alaina@theconservationcenter.org.

Subject line: Photo Submission

Please include date the photo location, date the photo was taken, and who to credit in your submission. Example: “ThompsonDiv_Fall18_WSCC.jpg : This picture was taken on the Thompson Divide in fall 2018 by WSCC staff.”

Images should be at least 3000×2400 resolution.

Each individual may submit no more than 5 photos. (in jpeg format)

If submitting a photo with someone in it, you must have permission to use their likeness, and that permission must be granted to the WSCC.

By submitting your photos, you allow the WSCC to use them as our outreach committee deems appropriate. Submissions do not have any copyright protection.

The best of the Western Slope!

If you need inspiration, we’re seeking submissions in these five themes:


Submit images that can represent our growing watershed program, the spirit of our annual river fest, and the beauty of our valley’s lifeblood. 

Citizen Science

Have you ever captured the moment at our Conservation Days, at River Watch or during another scientific endeavor? We want to see it!


We’re looking for images of people hiking, camping, or hunting in the valuable areas of the Western Slope. *Please make sure you have their consent to share.*


Wildlife pictures can be hard to come by, but we hope you’ll share yours with us. 


Help us highlight the beauty in the places worth protecting on the Western Slope. Bonus points for areas we’re working to protect in our public lands initiatives. 

All submissions appreciated!

The deadline to submit is November 6th, and winners will be notified in mid November. Winners will receive an email from us saying they have won, their photos displayed on our website with credit, and shared in our membership email with credit.

Images that are not selected for our brochure may be utilized for future marketing materials or publications. 


Submission deadline is November 6th

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