Support Conservation this Giving Season

By Dorothy Punderson 2 years ago

So far this year, WSCC has led 15 stewardship days in the North Fork Valley, collaborated with other organizations to build the new School Loop River Park extension trail, and advocated for our community’s needs in the Grand Mesa Uncompahgre Draft Forest Plan. All of this work and more is supported by our membership base, which makes up a significant part of our budget each year. Your support makes us a truly grassroots conservation organization. During this Giving Season, we ask that you be an active member of our community by giving to the Conservation Center, if you are able. There are many ways to support WSCC through volunteering, spreading the word about our work, and donating, and we appreciate it all!


Schedule your donation today through Colorado Gives


The countdown to Colorado Gives Day begins today! You can now schedule your donation for WSCC and it will count toward earning us a part of the $1.6 million Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund!

All participating Colorado Gives Day nonprofits earn a percentage of the fund, so the more we raise, the more we get.

We’re asking you to join us for Colorado Gives Day to make a difference in the lives of our community. For 24 hours on Tuesday, Dec. 7, Colorado comes together as a community, sharing stories and raising funds to help us and 3,100 other nonprofits continue our missions.

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