Mike’s Hikes #5: Crater Lake Trail

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Crater Lake Trail: Monday, September 7th

Overview: Last time we attempted to hike Crater Lake, the mosquitos won. But not this time, this time we will out hike the bugs! Join Mike on a jaunt up to Crater Lake.

The Crater Lake Trail travels through the Elk Park Recommended Wilderness that is included in WSCC’s Community Conservation Proposal and is being considered in the GMUG Forest Planning process. It is 21,000 acres that provide dependable water supply for farms, ranches, and communities in the North Fork Valley. Aspens, conifers, elk, deer, moose, eagles, owls, solitude and backcountry hiking and hunting opportunities make this an ideal addition to the wilderness system.

Trail Description: From the trailhead, we’ll take the Crater Lake trail for about 2.5 miles. The trail follows Cow Creek through a large open area known as Elk Park.  Then we will cross Cow Creek, which can be a bit difficult because of spring run-offs, and follow a tributary of Cow Creek until we reach Crater Lake. There could be some boggy areas with a few small creek crossings, and mosquitos can be thick at times (especially near Crater Lake).

COVID-19 Protocols: Our community is still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will be following all necessary protocols to ensure a safe hike for everyone involved. The following restrictions will be followed at all times throughout the hike:

  • We will have no more than 10 people total on this hike. Please RSVP below.
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from members of other households at all times, except in cases where it is unsafe to maintain that distance. Social distancing (6 ft apart) will be followed at all times with hikers not of the same household
  • Separate cars must be taken to the trailhead
  • Masks must be worn when not actively hiking. Please bring a mask with you on this hike.
  • Hikers will all bring their own equipment, including water, hand sanitizer, and food/snacks. Please aquire all equipment and supplies you might need for the trip prior to arriving for the hike.
  • Do not come on the hike if you feel sick or have symptoms
  • We will follow all Safer at Home and Leave No Trace guidelines

Trip Leader: Mike Burkley

Where: Overland Reservoir TH, Crater Lake Trail

Difficulty: Moderate due to possible small creek crossings.  Our starting elevation will be 9,900 feet climbing up to the highest possible elevation of 10,100 feet. 

When: Monday, September 7th. We will meet at the WSCC office (204 Poplar Ave.) at 8:00 am. We will need to take separate cars – one per family. The drive to the trailhead is roughly an hour, and you can expect 3-4 hours of hiking. If you would like to meet us at the trailhead please specify in the sign-up sheet below.

What to bring: Good boots, lots of water, sunscreen, extra layers, hiking pools, snacks, and lunch.

How to get to the trailhead: We’ll drive up Stevens Gulch Road, which becomes Forest Road 701 – then take the Overland Reservoir Road to the trailhead just north of the Overland Reservoir.

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Only one person per registration entry, please!

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